Making Canon 52mm 500D lens *work* on FZ200

Started Sep 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
finemom Contributing Member • Posts: 525
Re: Making Canon 52mm 500D lens *work* on FZ200

Rossuziers wrote:

In my experience, bees when collecting pollen, really couldn't care less how close you get to them... They're generally too busy to care what else is going on around them...
Hornets & wasps on the other hand? I don't know

I spent two days trying with the Canon 52mm 500D lens and was so nervous trying to find the bee, focus, and then jerking back whenever it looked like one was coming towards me. I do best using the VF versus the LCD. I could be doing something wrong, but it just wasn't a fun experience. I'm better off without the close-up lens and hoping I can get a decent crop. I'll practice a bit more, but I think I'll probably end up selling the lens. I admit defeat and will just appreciate with awe the close-ups some of you are getting!

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