RX1 Awesome, but wish it was E-mount

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Re: Great concept, not perfect (yet) implementation

The Skipper wrote:

For a while now, I had been asking for a digital version of the Minox GL or Olympus XA, but this is not it.


Maybe I should start a business to extract the guts of an RX1 and create a digital back for the Minox. I have 3 or 4 Minox 35 in my drawer that could benefit.
I would have to sell the digital back for $6000 though so not realistic.

Since it wouldn't quite fit in the small space of the Minox (basically the rolled film on either side), the digital back would have to be bulkier (thicker).

Instructions: remove the back cover, install the digital back with LCD. Manual aperture and focus. Turn the camera upside-down, because the RX1 controls will be on the bottom of the digital back - bonus: when the lens is open the front plate becomes a sun/rain shade.

In the end there is no optical problem as demonstrated by the Minox design, but to replace the chemical process of the film with a digital gut, we need more space than the film was taking. The manual process of opening the Minox was brilliant and should be re-used: it is faster and takes less battery power to manually extend the lens than to let a motor do it, and the lens is more securely protected when it is shut.

I am not saying a Minox-size camera with identical functionality cannot be made, just not quite yet.

In the mean time if somebody wants to exchange three Minox 35 for an RX1 please let me know

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