RX100 Case Thread III (or Spare Battery Thread I)

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Re: RX100 Case Thread III (or Spare Battery Thread I)

The Skipper wrote:

I now have the Olympus case (the one without the logo), and the RX100 fits perfectly in it after just one night of breaking in. I didn't bother taking out the inside pockets. So far the Play button has not been accidentally tripped.

The key is to have the wrist strap attached, so you can start taking the camera out with a slight tug.

This is the smallest case I have found for the RX100. I also like that it is horizontal (so it doesn't get in the way when I sit), and I also like the fact that the belt loop is sewed on.

Yes other cases can be used to store the RX100 but this is the only case that retains the incredible small size of the RX100 without adding un-necessary bulk. I wonder why no other case are built like this, not even for larger cameras.

I do not find the smell the slightest bit offensive. It is the kind of smell you get with new leather luggages.

Thank you to guyv and everyone else who brought this case to my attention.

You are welcome, glad I could help.

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