RX100 has cured my GAS for the first time ever

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Re: RX100 has cured my GAS for the first time ever

Hi, I couldn't agree more with your thoughts, and thanks for sharing them.

I am not a Pro photographer but have been a fairly enthusiastic amateur for around 50 years in which time I have owned most of the Nikon Pro cameras from the F1 thru the F5 as well as Nikomat, D1 etc, as well as many very fine, expensive and heavy lenses.

I have enjoyed both the results of this fine gear and just as much - the tactile feeling of using such beautiful equipment. I too have realized that I am not carrying my D700 where I should be and where I did on a recent long distance mainly off road motorcycle trip, it was a real pain in the butt! Size and weight, not too mention the time to unpack the camera before using so I eventually left it in my main bag and used my little Samsung P & S. Actually the results were better than I thought they would be and this persuaded me to look for a better P & S and eventually I stumbled on the RX100 or rather reviews of it. Trying to buy locally was met with "It is special order only and will be 2-3 weeks , but we really don't know' response. Tried two national Camera shops and neither could tell me how long for delivery so went to B & H Photo and they had it in stock at a lower price and I am hoping to receive it tomorrow. I am now in the process of selling all of my Nikon DSLR gear. Big step but the camera you have with you is the one that works, and I plan to have the RX100 with most of the time.

Sorry to be so long winded but I suspect there are many serious photographers out there who will be prepared to accept a little less IQ in exchange for the convenience of this little camera.

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