Sony full frame PS, what about nikon?

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No question, compact body, large sensor has a market

Though it seems it would be a small one, at least at the $2K+ price region. But I'll wager that in two years, one of two things will happen - full frame compact will become lower price ($1000-$1500), and/or smaller sensors will get better: once we have decent IQ at 6400-12800 ISO in a small(er) sensor, will it really matter if it's 36"x24"?

I'll bet Nikon will weigh in on the large sensor compact in the next year - or they'll double down on the smaller Nikon 1 sensor, with lower noise and higher DR; again, I don't care about the size of the sensor, it just seems that at present it's easier to achieve acceptable IQ with a 36"x24" (or larger) sensor.

My main body is a D3s. I have no complaints but one - it is big and obtrusive. There is no way to be stealth with that body, and my favorite type of photography is candids of people. So, if I could have the D3s speed and IQ (including low light) in an RX1-sized body, yes, I'd jump, though I'd miss the optical viewfinder, and this is significant. However, at fixed FL, the hot-shoe optical viewfinder would be fine.
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