RX100 has cured my GAS for the first time ever

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RX100 has cured my GAS for the first time ever

I think this is the first round of new photo announcements that I actually haven't placed at least one pre-order for new gear, which is quite a feat considering there is some pretty impressive gear announced.

Fuji XE-1, Sony NEX6, RX1, A99 et al ? All sound great but my wallet stayed in my back pocket for a change, due in large part to the recent little RX100 I bought.

Don't get me wrong, the RX1 sounds very cool, and price isn't really an issue, but I just don't feel any real need for it.

Same goes with the NEX6, the host of new E-mount glass, and/or the XE-1 and some of the sweet Fuji Xmount lenses on the road map. Both sound like exceptional cameras/systems for quite amazing prices when you consider just how much camera your getting for sub $1k, but again, I feel there is no real need for them with the RX100.

Certainly the RX100 isn't as good, but since my needs are simply an easy to carry, even daily at times, compact with good image quality for general photography, its able to meet and usually exceed those requirements.

I'll admit it, I did think about the RX1 when I saw the preorder links go up, but then I asked myself, for what or where would I use the RX1 to make it worth buying ?

How would I carry it ?

Do I see my photographic style, free time, or travel plans changing anytime soon to the point where I need to totally rethink my equipment ?

In years past, no matter if I was shooting NEX, m4/3, an XPro system, carrying the X1 or X100, a M8.2 or M9, various DSLR's and a host of compacts, it was always that question for something better because nothing was quite right.

Really the main issue looking back was ease of carry. I'd switch from NEX to m4/3 because I wasn't shooting the NEX system.

I blamed it on lack of lenses, or lack of IBIS or too slow of AF etc, but really it was simply that I didn't want to carry it, small as it was.

Same thing goes for the XPro, EM-5 etc, and of course when I had compacts like the LX5, XZ1 and others the issue was then the IQ wasn't good enough, so I'd go back to a CSC.

I've finally got a camera I actually take with me places, and that has IQ that while not perfect, really hasn't yet left me wishing I had something better with me ever.

Certainly it isn't all due just to the RX100, part of it is that I've realized there is no need to buy, say a $2800 camera, just to take some snapshots on a walk with a bit shallower DoF and to downsize to 1000 pixels and show off online. There is no money made just in online peers saying "nice rendering style" to my post in threads after all.

I'll save the serious gear purchases for those items that generate returns in my business, but some new lighting etc is pretty boring stuff. Its simply tools, not toys.

Toys are what is fun. Toys are what we can't wait for UPS to deliver. Toys are what we talk about day after day online. Tools I used today such as D3s and 24-70 G lens for shooting a basketball media guide aren't exciting.

Toys are what we get GAS over, and up til the RX100, toys are what I'd always have to put at least one preorder in for every time new gear is announced.

I guess perhaps I'm finally growing up so to speak and finally putting the toys away

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