Why the RX1 is a bargain

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Re: Why the RX1 is a bargain

Nah....there will always be something significantly better within a year, or two at most.

For example, perhaps a RX2 with a much better sensor within 18 months. New products have a way of recalibrating our expectations and desires. I believe the reason you make the comments you do is that currently this is way ahead of everything else this size - but that won't be for long. Not to get to philosophical about it, but that's how humans are wired.


Wellington100 wrote:

No-one thinks the RX1 is cheap, not even the photography blogs who all already love it but I think that it is a bargain because it is a 10 year camera proposition.

Back in the film days, we often kept cameras for 10 years, Nikons, Pentaxs, Minoltas and Olys were easily capable of giving their 1st owner 10 years of service and then another 10 to someone else and possibly 10 more after that.

These days I go through multiple cameras a year. At the moment I am trying to convince myself to shed a dozen cameras that I own or have spread around my family. Cameras are rendered obsolete almost as soon as they are released because of the relentless march of technology and we are constantly chasing the new new thing and the next increment in resolution, focus speed or DR.

Yet here is a camera that is so obviously superior and dominant in terms of IQ that it will not be surpassed by smaller sensor cameras for a very long time, I would guess for 10 years.

I am a bit of a cheapskate and bottom fisher who always looks for cameras a year into their product cycle when they are at half the launch price and being cleared for the new model but even so I can easily spend $1000 per year on camera gear.

So if I simply stopped spending that money for the next three years on an assortment of bridges, compacts, mirrorless's and whatnot that catch my eye, I could instead buy one of these little beauties, which will give me endless photographic pleasure at undreamed of IQ for the next 10 years. That is what I call a bargain.

Best of all its a compact, a little self contained system to which I could add an EVF, hood and case. So one purchase is all it would take to own a Ferrari performer in the camera world. Whatever else I do in that 10 year period, I could have this self contained little gem at my side. Nothing else I ever buy will have this much IQ, I hate bulk and so a FF is out of the question for me as is the relentless cost and angst associated with an ever changing FF system.

This camera really is a bargain, just $3000 and I could be liberated from looking enviously at other cameras over the next three years, because none will be as good and hey, I might even get some use out of stuff I already own.

Perhaps by the next Photokina, Leica, Pentax or Nikon will do the same thing, but the price will be simialr to the Sony and I will already be 2 years down the track of wonderful and unprecedented IQ photos of my family, travels and street interests and my camera will be starting to develop a nice patina from heavy use. After 10 years of continuous use it may even look a bit like one those battered old Leica's that have been to camera hell and back.

Its a bizarre leap from the little Fuji superzoom compacts that I always carry, but to paraphrase the Revlon advert, "I am worth it"

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