Is this lens scratched?

Started Sep 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Looks more like internal lens components

The scratches stay fixed in place at all lighting angles and zoom lengths. I also don't think they are mere reflections because they appear as black lines when there is a lot of light reflecting and then as you tilt the light angle they catch illumination and light up themselves. I viewed my lens under a bright light and saw the scratches, then viewed another copy of the lens under the exact same light at the same angle and saw none. I will be returning the kit for a refund and buy locally. Sales tax is worth the $80 extra to avoid mailing in defective versions over and over again.

As for the other questions... I purchased it directly from Amazon, not one of their sellers. It came in an apparently unopened kit that included the camera. It was represented as a mint product from Canon. I would be hard pressed to believe that the lens was scratched at the factory, but I suppose it could happen. I am amazed and very frustrated that I've received two defective items in a row. If I didn't know better I'd think Amazon is shipping out returned camera gear in all new boxes with new instructions, accessories and software packed in.

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