access Aperture database over WIFI network? Possible?

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andrzej bialuski Senior Member • Posts: 2,700
access Aperture database over WIFI network? Possible?

I have a slight dilemna.

My Imac 2.16 GHZ Intel Core Duo cannot be upgraded to OSX Mountain Lion.

The App Store says that its for 2007 and older models, but mine is from Dec 2006.
I have 3 USB HDs connected to it and they all contain approx 1GB of photos.

Now I want to buy Aperture, but of course I cannot load it on my Imac because it only will run on Mountain Lion.

Here is my possible solution:

I have a Mac Air running Mountain Lion and would buy Aperture for it.

Here is the big question: can I access my photo files over WIFI network (2 macs connected to same WIFI)?

Editing of photo files stored on USB HDs connected to the old Imac would be done on the MacAir.

Is this a crazy task, or a doable one? Will access time be prohibitive to even consider this?

I prefer not to have to disconnect the HDs from the Imac and plug them into the Air every time I will work on my photos.


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