How can I improve the composition of these photos?

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Re: How can I improve the composition of these photos?

You need more interest in your foreground. As the path is not very interesting visually, and you do need to capture the path for your story, it would do no harm to have your runners and cyclists in the foreground. Getting down lower would also emphasise the perspective of the path. You need to emphasise the setting of the path for the story... the river. Otherwise it's just a path. The point is the path is next to the river. So the path doesn't have to be front and centre. A longer focal length for the first one would avoid all that dead space in the foreground. Don't make the mistake that you need to always use wide angle.

It's always a challenge. Consider it a problem-solving exercise. You have a path and it's not very interesting. How do I take interesting photographs of the path without resorting to misrepresenting it?

And, you know, you can have some photos in your story that show the setting and not the path.

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