Consider switching from GX1 to NEX6

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Add to your list the vastly superior ergonomics of the Nexes

I shot with a Nex-7 (and 24/1.8, 50/1.8) for two weeks and I can confirm the ergonomics of the Nex-7,6 line is vastly superior to any m43 body I've shot with (two years with GH1, GH2, GF2, EPL1).

It is a joy to use for an extended period of time the Nex-7 as opposed to the pain with any m43 body. Here are some of the reasons.

1. The grip. On the Nex it naturally follows the curvature and bend of your fingers. It also actually serves a purpose holding the battery. No problem shooting with one hand.

2. The lens release button. On the Nex-7 it is under the pinky finger of the shooting hand. This allows changing lenses very quickly and easily with the other hand and also makes possible using a hand strap.

3. The buttons and dials. On the Nex their size, position and tactile feedback make sure they are pressed only on purpose (save for the video button, which has been relocated on the Nex-6) and without removing one's eye from the viewfinder.

4. The viewfinder and lens mount. On the Nex-7 both are moved to the left thus allowing to actually use the left eye for scoping outside the viewfinder and avoid neck cramp and oily imprints. This relocation might cause dis-balance with very long lenses (say, > 300mm equiv), but how many and how often shoot at such distances without some kind of support?

I could go on, but it is clear to me that Sony has carefully and innovatively designed the ergonomics of their Nex-7 and Nex-6 to actually serve the purpose of a quick, fluid and convenient photo/video capture.

Whereas both m43 companies design their bodies to look like something else.
Olympus designs them to look "retro."
Panasonic designs them to look either as a mini-DSLR or as a glorified compact.

Both are wrong to continue to ignore modern development of the user interface and ergonomics.

The reasons I did not buy the Nex-7 kit were the poorly implemented menu system, the relatively slow autofocus and slow operation (e.g. write times).

If these concerns have indeed been addressed in the Nex-6, along with the announcement of the much needed new lenses, I will switch.

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