New sony FF mirrorless ?

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Re: New sony FF mirrorless ?

you got issues FeedMe

FeedMe wrote:

T3 wrote:

FeedMe wrote:

I never said I thought it was a 'pig' - I haven't tried one to find out it's piggishness.
Stop putting words in my mouth!

I said it was a pointless addition to a line-up and evidence of lack of imagination and foresight - churning out things just for the sake of keeping a new model going out the door. Pure marketing beat-up..

Right, the RX1 joins so many other 35mm f/2.0 full frame digital compact cameras out there! LOL!!!

Not many, no, but it joins 100's from the 60's 70's and 80's, 35mm film - it belongs in that era, an era I was saying it harkens back to!

It's amazing that a company has the guts to put out a rather specialized product for a rather specialized class of buyer, and people go apenuts crazy with anger over it. LOL. Wow.

YOU seem to be going more "ape nuts" over DEFENDING this than I ever was in my words... I wonder why.. I take it that I'm not allowed an opinion here unless it agrees with yours?

Any by the way, yeah, companies need to make and sell stuff to keep their doors open. But at least they are making a product for a segment of buyers that has nothing like this least not in the digital age.

And there you said it... "not in the digital age".. so it does harken back some 30 years!

OK, the internals may not be retro, but this design certainly is; an ugly boxy 1970's thing.

It's a cleanly-designed body with a sensor and a lens mounted to it, with the perfect set of physical controls. Not enough pretty "bling" for you?

Haha - if you knew even the tiniest thing about me, you'd know I'm possibly the most anti-'bling' person alive..

Guess not. Did you want flowers and unicorns and rubies on it? LOL! This camera is for someone who appreciates it as a picture taking device, not as a fashion accessory!

On the contrary - it IS a fashion device - it's a camera for the elitist who likes to pose with their '70's retro cam, just trying to rack up CamPeen points.

Also, how can anyone appreciate it as a "picture taking device" - it's not properly available yet! You're showing that elitistism thing there - prejudging before even having..

I have never said it won't take good photos - it probably will - but it's not a step forwards.

At best, its a step sideways-backwards; at worst, it's a yuppie-elitist CamPeen enhancer.

THAT is not even remotely anything but an ugly black dolls-shoe-box.

It's called having a purposeful, focused design that eschews extraneous, superficial flourishes of design just for the sake of being fancy.

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