Sony RX1 - the winner is Fuji X-E1

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LaFonte wrote:

No FF is not important or magical, but 1) for sure it will move the high ISO usability far beyond what sony could squeeze with the APS-C

Well, that's because Sony had to squeeze 24 MPix into the APS-C sensor of the NEX-7. The 16 MPix on the NEX-6 looks more promising, but maybe Fuji found the magic formular by taking the AA filter out and going away from the bayer pattern?

2) makes the DOF control easy without the lens needed to go to f1.4 (means hope for great quality; there is always some optical sacrifice if you need go for very fast lenses)

But that is exactly my point where I think that Sony killed the main advantage of a FF sensor. A f2 lens is smaller in size tahn a f1.4 lens, but you don't have to sacrifice optical quality for a good f1.4 lens!!!

The lens might be slightly less sharp at f1.4 than at f2, but you would still have the choice to stop that lens down to f2 or 5.6 if you like. The Fuji XF 35mm f1.4 is the perfect example of how good a f1.4 lens can be wide open. Zeiss makes beautiful f1.4 FF lenses, too!

Also you have full frame 35mm lens in front of it not 1.5 crop factor equivalent so it will be decent as travel camera as well.

Yes, but with an APS-C camera you just get a 23mm lens to have the equivalent 35mm field of view. And a 23mm lens can be smaller - look at the Fuji X100. I don't understand this point...


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