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Re: If only....

The GXR system isn't all that clever, you see today that the "shell" or "body" is outdated notably due to the screen and probably the viewfinder Nex 7 type.

Then the modules which are meant to be updated if any great changes in sensor technology, are quite an expense because you change the lens as well.

The M module was "THE" good idea and to today standards needs to be updated to the common 16 Mp.

I expect Ricoh to makes these updates this Photokina, if they don't the GXR would have made its life for most of us.

I have always believe that a tiny camera with big sensor was the way to go, Sony is near there but I am sure you can put M4/3 sensor into the size of their new RX100.

There is no need for touch screen, scenes modes and other rubbish, Ricoh is the only manufacturer who has this photographer culture and the power to produce such a camera : pocket friendly, big sensor, small fixed zoom, no gadget.

If only they could had the same point of view ....

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