Will Summicron blow away the 58 Noct-Nikkor?

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Re: odd question

Yes the Noct-Nikkor is amazing wide open:
on a D700/D3/D3s:

Seiji wrote:

Good points and maybe I should have also noted that my photography business is not so good...budget pretty limited to under $USD 1.5k so I was looking at pre-ASPH versions. I admit maybe there maybe some ego involved here too. I would like a Leica for the sake of it being a Leica, but at the same time, I'd like to be really impressed with the results and not be so close to the same thing as the Noct-Nikkor (or possibly less impressive).

Seems 105mm and 50mm prime are the only ones I use regularly. The regular Nikkor 50mm can be really sharp and work well enough, but bokeh can be busy. The Nikkor 50 f1.2, f1.4, and 55 f1.2 are good, but really need to be stopped down clear up the low contrast and wide aperatures. The Noct-Nikkor is good enough in sharpness and contrast wide open at f1.2, specular highlights can be much bigger in appearance than other 50mm and can make composition tricky. Over all size is the only complaint for the Noct-Nikkor on a small body is awkwardness or handling, lens feels almost as tall as the camera I want to put it on(big bodies like D2X/D3/D4 match made in heaven) .

Maybe I'm looking for a reason to get a Leica Summicron that really doesn't exist and I am better served sticking with the Noct-Nikkor on the Fuji? Just would love to see picture comparisons to make a more rational decision. Prefer to get a Summicron after Dual Range to get higher contrast images. Don't care German or Canadian.

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