Very disappointed with A99

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Re: Very disappointed with A99

kathyk wrote:

Sony churns out bodies like. no. other., so you'll probably find one you like soon.

Not a chance. This was the last straw for me. I like my a900 a lot, but I need an upgrade path and this doesn't even qualify as a side-grade.

I waited 3+ years so Sony could sell me the same camera I already have, but with a not-nearly-as-good viewfinder???? I wait not one day more.

I get the "what kind of camera do you use" question daily. Instead of just answering Sony a900, from now on it will be "I used to use Sony equipment, but they abandoned me in favor of cute bells, whistles and trinkets. So long Sony. I'm moving to Nikon.

Anybody want to buy an a900 with some very nice lenses?

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