Getting ready to move away from dSLRs?

Started Sep 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
Joe Franek Senior Member • Posts: 1,315
and I can tell you my story ...

I am currently in Europe on my annual trip.
Last year I swore I am not going to lug the heavy K200D with DA16-45 anymore.
So I bought the G3, 14-45 and 45-175.

I know the G3 is not the state-of-the-art (it was one year ago). The EVF is horrible. It does not show the real colors, brightness. It is hard to judge if you need EV compensation. The body is so small I constantly accidentally press some buttons (there is no Fn button). There are tonnes of nice features there, true, but for me it is not enjoyment to look at the world through an EVF.

Luckily I put the old K200D, the very old 16-45 and a couple of sets of Eveready Lithiums in the suitcase.
The G3 is now in the suitcase and the bulky heavy Pentax is taking pictures.

For next year trip I am already planning to get the K-5 or K-5 II. And a new 16-45, they are only $309 in oz. I will probably keep the m43 gear, but only for situations where the bulky DSLR would be very much out of place, or if I need the longer reach of the lenses (seldom).

Just my take on the subject. Don't take me too seriously, I am almost 70.

Pls0421 wrote:

i can only tell you my experience...i purchased a panasonic g3 over the summer with a 18-55 and a 50-200 lens...In real world use, it is not even close to the versatility of my dslr..I was very disappointed with low light image quality in general. I totally reversed my strategy and purchased a k5 ..Yes it is nice to carry a smaller less weight camera and accessories. But just wasn't worth the trade off for me

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