Exciting times for FF cameras

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Re: Exciting times for FF cameras

My full frame camera outputs 12meg files.

Regardless, you shouldn't associate the sensor size with file size. They are unrelated for the most part.

Zone8 wrote:

fwellers wrote:

I still don't see the connection between filesize and FF. My D700 is 12mp. It makes about a 12meg raw. Lots of APCS cameras will make a bigger file than that.
Also what does changing lenses have to do with FF ?

First I thinbk you have totally got hold of the wrong end of the stick somehow.

The lenses reference was simply the higher cost of lenses for FF compared to those for smaller sensors.

The file sizes for most FF cameras start at way above 40+ MB thus processing times and computer power is very relevant compared to those for your smaller files. It is something to be factored into the thinking/assessing process.

It was a simple case of trying to point out that there are a lot of (expensive) factors involved with the desire (rather than perhaps a real need?) to want FF. I did not say "don't get FF" - I just pointed out a lot of thought and attention to practicalities was preferable before taking the plunge - in other word - think before you (well, anyone) leap. Hope that clarifies.

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