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Great concepts

panamforeman wrote:

3. It’s not a “interchangeable lens” camera. For that price it certainly should be. And not even a short zoom like the LX7? Outrageous!!

The RX1 can be summarized in 2 sentences: the largest possible sensor in the smallest possible package, and top-notch image quality.

There are already lots of FF interchangeable lens cameras if that is what you want.

4. If it is meant to compete with the X100, it can’t. The X100, which has stunning IQ, notwithstanding a FF sensor in the Sony and will not be that much better, if at all.

How can you possibly make this statement, when there hasn't been a single photo published yet from the RX1?

IMO the X100 fails in comparison to the RX1 from a non-IQ perspective. It is a larger camera but yet has a smaller sensor. A double whammy.

Perhaps the “radicals” at Sony have staged a coup. Someone has gone "nuts" over there!

IMO the concepts behind the RX1 is excellent. The only possible reason that I won't buy it is that it is not pocketable, but I will have to see it first hand to make that decision.

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