K30 beats all in UK mag test.

Started Sep 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
Joe Franek Senior Member • Posts: 1,315
what a pitty it is so ugly (nt)

bavarius6 wrote:

A little bit of good news. 'What Digital Camera' magazine here in the UK has tested the K30 against the EOS650, D3200 and the A57 and decided it was the best all round SLR at their price point. Hopefully this bodes well for Pentax because I've never seen anything they make come tops in a UK magazine test before (even when they appear to top the test charts in the same article).

Weirdly this month have also seen the DA*60-250 SDM tested against the DA 55-300 as a 'premium vs value' test in a UK magazine. Something weird is going on over here, Pentax gear rarely gets exposure of this sort.


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