Advantages to Olympus (Tongue firmly in cheek)

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Re: Disadvantaged with Olympus

Darrell500 wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

Darrell500 wrote:

Anyone know of another brand of power pack that will work with the fl50, I really don't like shooting weddings without one?


Thanks I'll check that out.

(Edit Update) just checked b&h tr2000 is discontinued, this is why I get frustrated!!!!

Bugger. At least there are batteries still available, but for how long .....

And I've tried to open up these and the Oly HV pack batteries to replace the cells - I can't work out how to do it without seriously damaging the case.

Shoot Nikon with an SB800 and the (standard) fifth AA battery, and you'll get recharge times close enough to the oly HV pack as to make needing one unnecessary. Then no more high power battery packs and nasty dangly leads ... (that you can't buy easily and break all the time ....)

I would still need a pack, not as much for speed as sustained power. I shot an outdoor wedding where I was going through batteries like no tommorow.

You might be surprised. When I shot weddings with Oly, I would go through multiple sets of AAs, or at least a couple of battery packs for each HV unit. Since shooting nikon and SB800s, I think there has only been one occasion when one SB800 ran out. And we're talking hundreds and hundreds of shoots over the years.

Obviously it will depend on your style of shooting, however I'm willing to bet you'd be shocked as to how much less Nikon stuff uses batteries compared to the Oly gear, and that's including the cameras .... if I didn't use a grip, a camera with a BLM1 would normally need two batteries to finish a long wedding. I reckon a D300 with the same size battery would shoot three whole weddings on one single charge. And don't even go there with MFT. the battery life on these is so abysmal, its not even funny ....

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