RX1 Awesome, but wish it was E-mount

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Great concept, not perfect (yet) implementation

The RX1 can be summed up in 2 sentences: Largest possible sensor in the smallest possible package, & top-notch image quality.

It is a great concept, but in its first implementation, Sony did not get things quite right. The camera is too large, & one of the reasons is that the lens doesn't retract inside the body. My guess is to maximize IQ.

For a while now, I had been asking for a digital version of the Minox GL or Olympus XA, but this is not it.

I had gone down this road somewhat before, when I purchased an E-PL2 as a P&S upgrade (before the RX100 came out), figuring that I can exchange better IQ for something that is not pocketable but still compact. But in the end, I just got frustrated with the size. The RX1 is smaller than the E-PL2 but not by much, so chances are I can't live with it either.

I will check out this camera when it is in the stores, but based on current information, I probably won't be buying one.

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