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Re: Which Prime?

I have owned all three of the lenses discussed here (28/1.8, 35/2, and Sigma 30/1.4). My order of preference for you:

1. Sigma 30/1.4. Fastest, best image quality (although not by much - the are all good in IQ). This is the lens to get IF you are only going to have a APS-C camera for the foreseeable future. A totally unfounded opinion, but the "focus issues" you hear about this lens I believe to be a thing of the past, unless you buy an older used one and/or use it on an older EOS camera.

2. Canon 28/1.8. This is the only of the three I currently own. Why? I have a 5D and 40D - this lens works on both and the Sigma does not. It is smaller and lighter than the Sigma, gives up 2/3 of a stop but not much in IQ (mostly bokeh). Contrary to review sites, corner softness is not a major issue unless you're doing really critical work (in which case you should look at an L or Zeiss lens anyway). It is a bit soft wide open, but is still totally useable. From f/2.2 and up it's great.

3. Canon 35/2. This lens is no slouch, and is even lighter, smaller and cheaper than the 28/1.8. IQ is comparable to the other two. But the build quality leaves me a bit disappointed - noticeable AF noise, extending barrel, and it just feels more dated than the other two. I sold it after using both it and 28/1.8 for a few months.

In your price category, this are really the only lenses to consider unless you are ok with a f/2.8 prime. If that's the case, consider the 40/2.8 pancake lens - it's awesome!

Hope this helps.

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