The (unknownth) Annual Unofficial Sigma Users Camera Survey

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Re: The (unknownth) Annual Unofficial Sigma Users Camera Survey

1chaz wrote:

Jm do you find the d800 and sd1 complementary to each other ?

Actually I do find them complimentary -- The D800 handles low light and moving targets a lot better than the Sigma. It also meters better, focuses faster, and generally is a MUCH better camera except in terms of the image sensor. If I'm shooting my kid, or need higher ISO values, or am in a situation where handling is important, then the D800 is the choice. If I am shooting bright vivid colors that don't move much (flowers, landscapes), I find that the SD1 produces a more pleasing image. The SD1 also forces me to be a little more deliberate in my technique -- it's one of those things where I think the simpler camera is forcing me to be a better photographer, which is a good thing. And there is a certain elegance in not having so much stuff that you need a 400 page manual to cover all the menus. Important to note -- the IQ is different, rather than better or worse. I'm still learning both cameras (both are relatively new to me), but am finding that some subjects I prefer the SD1, and others the D800. It's so awful being forced to choose between a D800 and an SD1 when taking a shot

In addition to that, the SD1 is a crop camera, while the D800 is a full frame camera, so you get some of those inherent differences -- I don't personally use the crop differences conventionally, since it is counter to the camera's other strengths and weaknesses (the D800 does better with a tele zoom, while the SD1 is at home making wider angle scenics) -- however, the SD1 with a 17-50mm lens is MUCH lighter than a D800 with 24-70mm lens... likewise, the SD1 with 8-16mm lens is MUCH lighter than the D800 with 12-24mm lens (and would be even lighter still than the Nikon 14-24 if I had one). Of course, if I had what I really wanted -- an SD1 with Nikon F-mount -- this difference would be less pronounced

Anyway, on a recent trip down to monterey, I used both cameras, and without making any conscious effort to balance camera use, discovered at the end of the day that I had used both cameras about evenly.

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