Looking for near-perfect travel compact

Started Sep 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
glanglois Contributing Member • Posts: 987

Every time I've compared travel zooms I've ended up with a Panasonic, currently use the TZ-30 because:

  • Very long zoom.

  • Fits easily into a pocket although I usually carry it in a small case on my belt.

  • Video is capable, if no more. That's OK with me - I have a small camcorder.

  • Controls are rich and seem to fall nicely to hand.

  • I've been able to re-use batteries and charges when I upgrade.

  • #1 reason: The image stabilization is outstanding. Nothing like it. This means that I can actually use those long focal lengths if the subject isn't moving much.

Your preferences, of course, may vary.

Good luck!

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