Rx100 and Rx1 Arn't really P&S camera are they????

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pricklypear Regular Member • Posts: 113
What's more important than family pictures?

This line of thinking always cracks me up. Amateur enthusiasts proclaiming they use certain equipment for their "serious" work, but would reserve the p&s camera for "snapshots" of family or friends. I suppose it comes down to interests and priorities, but I would be inclined to use my best equipment for granny's birthday party...much more so than I would for the umpteenth picture of the London Eye or Eiffel Tower.

The RX1 is exciting because it brings first-rate IQ and performance to granny's party, but in a much smaller form factor that doesn't get in the way of good times (literally and figuratively).

Dutchpepper wrote:

The thing is... these new cameras the RX1 and RX100 are not really P&S are they? They are beyond that. People aren't going to buy these to whip out at Grannies Birthday Party are they! OK some might

But my point is we need to come up with another name for these cameras something like
Pocket Pros or
Pro Shooters
P Shooter for short what do you think?Any ideas?

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