So who's actually up for the D600 then?

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Re: Nikon version of the 5D Mark II?

glacierpete wrote:

+1 price would be too close to the D800. I also think we will see some D800s on the used market, because their owners figured out, 36mp is to much for them, and their lenses and workflow could not handle it. Not everybody likes to use a tripod to take full advantage of a 36mp sensor. The d600 might be the better solution for them.

I don't think this is going to be the case. Why would someone eat a loss to take on an inferior camera...not that the D600 is bad just not as good as the D800. If they needed to use a tripod on the D800 they would need to use it on the D600 too.

Actually there may be less of a chance they need a tripod with the D800 if it ends up having a higher dynamic range or can use a higher ISO countering it with the vast number of pixels it has.

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