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What I am curious to know is, the actual assembly of RecSea dial and its middle button.

Notice RecSea middle button, which I marked as no 5 if in Nauticam RX100 or Sony NEX7. For a push button to be in the middle and having a spinning dial on middle button's outside diameter , that dial seems to be using tube. The middle button gets a solid shaft and the dial gets a hollow shaft aka tube. This is what I suspect the design is. Its like a stern tube of a ship propeller shaft, but opposite duty. Ship propeller shaft spins, the tube stationary.

Overall the tube diameter will be bigger than the middle button's shaft. Being bigger in total surface area, the more sea water will effect that dial performance at depth or accidental push by sea water pressure alone may occur at very deep dive. Also the tube because it can spin , it will have two o-rings, one is inner o-ring and one more outer o-ring. There will be more risk of leaking there where two o-rings are used as water seal.


Now we discuss the MODE dial slipping on the RecSea RX100

The Nauticam engineering approach for that dial is not interaction of friction pad or o-ring to push the dial's top surface, which is smooth anyway. Nauticam took advantage of the fact that all camera's dials, on its outer diameter will have checkered edge for our fingers to get friction/hold when spinning the dial. If you see item 7 below :


........you will notice that the action to spin the camera's MODE dial is by gear and teeth-to-teeth action, just like any gearbox. Its simple and will not slip compared to RecSea design where the contact to this RX100 MAIN dial is achieved using o-ring as friction pad but working against a smooth part of the MAIN dial to surface. Any camera's dial, will have checkered edges for friction at its circumference, that is the best place to get contact, its made checkered edged for our finger to spin that dial. Matched that MAIN dial checkered edge to rubber tooth of the gears, you get great contact and a rubber tooth which can absorb any manufacturing dimensional tolerance of the camera. Do not be surprised to see a camera can be 0.5mm of dimensional difference between batches. One camera may have the dial at say zero position and all good, and another camera has a dial minus 0.5mm away from a housing gear.

See photo the Nauticam housing for NEX7 two top dials gears, I marked 7A and 7B, that is even more advance design, it is self tension toothed gears. I think this is why Nauticam NEX7 is more costly than its Nauticam NEX5N cousin.


In a Nauticam RX100 gear for that MODE dial on camera, what seems like a black gear's tooth is not plastic, that is moulded rubber on a blue color plastic gear.

RecSea also should add water/flood alarm as standard like Nauticam at their price level. That alarm is like US$75-100 in retail and installed value. Ur RecSea is US$1200ish yes ? Nauticam is only US$950.

I enjoy looking at various housings design philosophy and try to understand what they do to achieve what. This helps me troubleshoot my mechanical cases at work and nothing to do with diving or UW photo, I just love the mechanical aspects of these housings.

I can decode more on RecSea gimbal weakness further but I do not want to bore you

One tip I can offer you for avoiding accidental push on your RecSea dial is, operate the dial only from its side, never from the surface as you would on Sony RX100 camera Tri-Nav. Rest your finger on housing body, and "scratch" from top towards bottom the RecSea dial..... like we tune old radio with a side mounted tuner dial or like when we tease our friend.....tickling their feet when they are sleeping ha ha ha. With your finger resting on camera body, you can no longer exert a push force to dial. But knowing u travel light and using a band wrist , your thumb is the tool and a thumb can't do what I told u to do easily when the rest of the four fingers clutching the housing body underwater. Use left hand to hold camera, and right hand to do dial spin, that will work. If RecSea has checkered edges on its dial side, that will help a great deal.

I hope you had some fun diving Neo. My RX100 video version will need some 2 weeks more I think.



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