Hitting 5N's low light capacity limits?

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Re: Hitting 5N's low light capacity limits?

txabi wrote:

D Cox wrote:

Did you also try the HHT setting? That is what I would use in this situation.

I agree about the 50mm f/2 Nikkor. I have a 1969 copy which is very sharp.

Hmm, I hadn't thought of using the Twilight mode. I'm going to try to bike at night this week again, see what happens. Thanks for the reminder.

My only question would be... does it work well handheld? I know it's supposed to be for handheld photography, but when I think of multiple shots taken and then fused together, I'm terrified of slight movements that could make the resulting image blurrier...

Try it and see.

You won't get the sharpness that you get with the 50mm lens in bright sunlight, but I think you may be surprised. The individual shots are quite short. Naturally, the usual care to hold steady helps.

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