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Kim Letkeman wrote:

Wayne N. wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

By the way ... question ... do you find manually focusing long lenses to be a real problem on the 460k LCD?

Do you mean with a lens like the 70-300VR? If so, my first question is, how are you going to get that into a concert lol! Or maybe you are referring to the 30-110?

Yes, but not for concerts. For walking in the woods and shooting the moon etc. I have a Tamron 500mm mirror that I like to use with the Kenko 2x TC, which would gave a breathtaking 2700mm EFL on the J1 ... but as far as I know the u4/3 people have figured this manual focus thing out while Nikon not so much. With the LCD only, perhaps the extra resolution helps.

But if you find focusing manually to be acceptable, I won't be in a hurry to spend the extra $200 to get the J2 (list prices are not that far apart, but discounts on the J1 are terrific right now.)

I have only used center point AF so far (and the 1.4M dot EVF). When I used the manual focus, all I really used it for was to lock focus (I would focus using the AF and then switch to manual focus to lock it, and then re-compose). But I haven't tried actually focusing using manual focus, so I will give it a try on the LCD tomorrow and report back. I'm curious: where/when do you envision using manual focus?

As above. Whenever the Tamron is on, or the wonderful 105 2.5 (think Afghan girl image) ... or the 85 1.8D ...


I am thinking that for your sake, I have no problems manual focusing with the 460k LCD!

Well, you have the V1, so you can't really test it I just realized ... it already has the higher rez LCD ... oh well ...

Right. There must be others around here who do manual focusing with the J1. Maybe a new thread is in order. Good luck.



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