Phottix stratos compatible with Pocketwizard Plus II ?

Started May 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Best choice... flash sync.

i know this is a late probalby irrevelant post, and late in helping the original post but in reading i also am interested in the Stratos ll. i want to use my Q flash with an adapter as pass through to a Canon 50/5D and Canon 580's as remotes. So far Quantum hasnt asnwered me in asking if the Stratos would allow pass through of the adapter info but there is no reason why it shouldnt. I see Q-Help said get the PWll... of course he would say get the more expensive American made model, even though the Stratos would probably do everything the PW does. I dont need TTL of the remotes, manual is more consistent and reliable and HSS in any environment except action is probably sufficient (probably why the PWll doesnt have it!). I refuse to pay the exhorbatant prices of Quantum or PW syncs.. Stratos should be fine for almost any situation except very specialized situations...
Ron W.

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