Hitting 5N's low light capacity limits?

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Re: Hitting 5N's low light capacity limits?

Colorado CJ wrote:

If you don't want to lug a big tripod around on your bike, why don't you just get a small Gorilla Pod? It would take just a few seconds to put your bike on its kickstand, attach the Gorilla Pod to the bike's handlebar and start shooting. Then you could do great low ISO long exposures.

What is this wizardry you speak of? Something like this?


How on Earth do you attach that to your bike handlebar? I'm terribly interested in this, since 90% of the time I have my 5N I'm on my bike (well, I spend 90% of my life on a bike :D).

pcake wrote:

while any camera has limits, you could possibly stretch your NEX-5N's by using a faster lens. i have an old canon FD 50mm f/1.4 lens that works well on my m4/3 cameras - they sell 'em for under $100 on ebay - and i believe there's an f/1.2 version, as well.

Hmm, all the 1.4/1.2 lenses that I've seen are usually really expensive (500+, which for me, with a PhD student "salary", is way too expensive at this point in my life). I'll look into this, thanks!

boardsy wrote:

Well, why not actually try it, before succumbing to terror?

Oh yes, definitely, I think I was voicing my thoughts, that's all I'll definitely try this sometime this week and am now really interested in Colorado CJ's comment on those GorillaPods...

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