Sony RX1 - the winner is Fuji X-E1

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Re: Not quite

LaFonte wrote:

Look, you can't deny that the sony is cute.
A small compact camera that delivers FF with likely a great lens in front of it?

Yes, but cute is not an adjective that I like to use for my camera. Pretty (like I feel about the X100) is more like it

And I agree with you on price. If a camera delivers, I am willing to pay extra for it. I think that the X-Pro 1 was $500 more than I would have liked it to be (or should have come with a lens for that price), but in the end I still paid the full amount.

But there is the "that delivers FF" again. What does that mean compared to good APS-C cameras today? I have the feeling this is the old "FF myth" before APS-C sensors were able to get close to FF in IQ and ISO.

Here is the X-Pro 1 APS-C against the state of the art Nikon D4 and trusted 5D MK II at ISO 6400 in RAW. And the Raw converters are not perfect for the X-Pro 1, yet:

So, is FF really that important any more except for DOF control? I would want my FF camera to make use of the DOF advantage with faster lenses


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