Backfocus problems need to be fixed by Nikon?

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Great tool

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Thanks everyone for all the constructive comments. [and thanks DPR for the "ignore user" function :-)]

I plan to spend some time using the kit lens to see if the same problem manifests itself, though obviously with much smaller aperture comes less room for error. I too have noticed very few q.c. issues with the D5100 body coming up on fora and found the comments on the limitations of the 35mm lens helpful. I've definitely been given food for thought.

Here's a simple way to see where your lens is focusing.
Find a lawn with nice medium height grass.
Stick a golf tee in the grass.

Walk back to what you'd think is a normal shooting distance for the lens you want to check.
Shoot the tee.
Examine the photo.

The grass right around it should be clearly and crisply in focus. If the grass behind is in focus its back focusing and vice versa.

Repeat with your other lenses and if zooms, try them at different focal lengths to see if the error is consistent.

If you have to send the gear in to be calibrated send along the images on a disk or an sd card clearly labelled as yours and request it be returned.

Hope that helps.

That is NOT a good test, at all.

I've actually been doing it and am surprised and how accurate it is regards getting a quick check if things might be off. I was surprised, but it is very useful. Almost as good as a quick LiveView vs PDAF comparison....not a replacement for a proper fine tune...but a great tool in the old bag.

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