Exciting times for FF cameras

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Re: Exciting times for FF cameras

I still don't see the connection between filesize and FF. My D700 is 12mp. It makes about a 12meg raw. Lots of APCS cameras will make a bigger file than that.
Also what does changing lenses have to do with FF ?

Zone8 wrote:

fwellers wrote:

Zone8 what are you talking about ? Do you even know ?

Megapixels has way more to do with file size than sensor size. Same with print sizes.
Going FF is more about IQ and DOF.

You should do a little research before suggesting someone is perhaps a pixel peeper.

Believe me I have a lot of experience and do have a FF camera that I NEED for some specific subjects. In the main I find a smaller sensor easily copes with high quality prints to A3+ sizes - even using half the frame if necessary (like on odd occasions catching a fleeting moment when changing lenses was not possible in the time space) so don't try and say I do not know.

My advice was very specific - how many owning FF actually need that - wanting is one thing, being sensible and realistic can often mean acquiring an outfit within one's personal budget limits, compared with a) the high cost of everything associated with a FF camera (body cost and higher lenses costs too) plus, as I did mention b) the higher spec computer required to deal with the VERY large image files.

My point was trying to point out that wanting a FF is not the same as needing a FF. The intention was to try and make people think before they leap. Simple as that.

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