Craigslist Ad of the Day - 9/11/12

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Re: Craigslist Ad of the Day - 9/11/12

I think what the "Joe(Jane)" photographer lacks is the marketing skills needed to be able to build value with the customer and actually sell print products, rather than give images on CD. The alternative of course is to charge premium prices for the CD alone, but price-sensitive customers will not appreciate that - and that's probably the customers such a photographer is reaching with low, and in fact unsustainable prices for CD-only sessions.

On the bright side, going professional allows the photographer to explore various markets, and find customers that shop for exceptional service and photo quality rather than price - provided the photographer has the skills to deliver that exceptional quality product and service. Those customers often don't have the time nor want to bother with printing the photos from CD themselves, and then be uncertain about the print quality afterwards, if they were to go to a discount minilab.

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