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Re: exciting first step for a new FF revolution

with the lcd or EVF showing you at full image size only the crop section you selected, this could be a viable option for framing et adding focal length versatility.

notime wrote:

Well if you are willing to crop an RX1 image down to using the sensor size of other formats, the RX1 is like having a 56mm (equivilent) APSc, a 70mm m4/3, a 96mm f/2 RX100, and a 182mm f/2 HX.

Obviously real zoom would be better, but I would guess they would have to use a higher f/ lens to gain compactness.

Stephen McDonald wrote:

As it is, with no focal-length above or below 37mm, it will be a second or third camera for professionals to carry for occasional shots. Few others would pay that kind of money, for a camera with such a narrow capability. The version I suggested earlier, with a 24mm to 140mm or even a 28mm to 100mm lens, at half the price, would be very popular and probably turn a good profit for Sony. So why are they making this camera and not one like I described?
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