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no, you spent money. you didnt make a profit in any sense of the word.

this is why you're such a loser. you buy things and then go on the internet to brag about it instead of creating anything of your own. have you ever taken a decent photo?

Midwest wrote:

spacelounge wrote:

so you spent a grand on stuff you dont need. good on you.

No, I effectively upgrade my camera three models and three years virtually free if not for a small profit. Yes, good on me.

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OliverNZ wrote:

Midwest wrote:

I get the 'facetious' aspect - but do consider that you don't actually throw away your old dslr body. It can usually be sold for 1/4 to 1/2 of the cost of the new body anyhow, or can certainly be kept as a spare or second body.

I'm off car-shopping now. I heard there's a new model where if you need to replace the engine, the transmission is permanently attached so you get to replace that too! Why did nobody think of that before?


Well, most cars you can rebuild the engines and transmissions etc...Try doing that with ya DSLR

Hmm. I can tell you something I can do with my dslr - and in fact AM doing...
I currently have a (2008) Canon 450D, 12 mp, 18-55 and 55-250 IS zooms.

I just bought a Canon 600D - 18 mp, 18-55 and 55-250 IS zooms and a Canon color photo printer. $1249, minus $250 off, and then a $400 Am Ex gift card (which can be used anyplace). Zero tax, zero shipping, purchase price $999, take off the $400 Am Ex card and it's a net out of pocket of $599. Got that straight? Okay, I'm not done yet...

I don't need the photo printer. They are selling (sold prices, not listed prices) for $150 on Ebay. The two lenses, I don't need. They are selling on Ebay for about $240 total for the pair. My 450D is near mint and has all the boxes etc. as new. I can get $250 for it on Ebay.

I've just upgraded from 12mp to 18mp (new sensor), articulated LCD, better IQ at higher ISO, full HD video, and more - at a net profit on top of it.

Try doing that with ya... whatever.

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