Its finally here-Let the bitching begin.

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Re: Its finally here-Let the bitching begin.

Oh, I don't know, I don't see much to bitch at.

Minor irritant: the AF points all seem strangely clustered near the center. I'm guessing that's so they're all available for crop as well as FF lenses?

The manual flash sync of 1/250th is a minor irritant. I was really hoping for 1/320th. And preview says things like the hotshoe adaptor 'will be avialable' hinting they won't include one in-the-box; I hope that's wrong.

Otherwise...not sure what to bitch about. AF Ranging with front and back dials to interactively set effective distances sounds brilliant. Higher rez rear screen than initial leaks indicated. Programmable front dial for AF/MF switching or other features. EVF (and presumably rear screen "live view") autozooms for crop lens use, which makes framing much more sensible than crop lens use on an OVF. Return of quick-navi rear display. Framerate went down but I've never used the 10fps burst mode on my a55 as it is, so that one didn't bug me.

I'm quite intrigued, and I'd previously said I'd never bother with an FF camera. Now I'm actually very near hitting pre-order vs. waiting for the a77 replacement to gain some of the same features.
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