Is Samsung leaving mirrorless market?

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Re: Is Samsung leaving mirrorless market?

I am also worried about the future of NX system, not because of lack of new models (the current ones aren't old yet) but because of the lenses. Some of them promised long ago never materialized, and the quality of existing ones is dropping.

When buying the NX200, I tried two copies of the 18-55 mk. II and both were much worse than my first generation kit lens. It wasn't just poor workmanship, but materials too. The old lens has neutral colour rendition and the new ones have yellowish tint. Samsung is obviously using lower grade glass. As a result, I sold the new lens and kept the old one. It was OK on the NX10 but isn't good enough for the new sensor. Samsung NX badly needs a quality normal zoom, and the long awaited 16-80 was canceled and replaced with another vaporware 16-50.

I am also disappointed that Samsung still hasn't solved the old software problems – huge, slow writing raws and poor JPEGs. I don't understand why a small camera maker like Fuji can produce excellent JPEG engine and electronic giant Samsung can't.

When I was buying the NX10 two years ago, there wasn't much choice. I tried Olympus EPL1 and Sony NEX5 and hated both for awkward ergonomics, messy menus and lack of built-in EVFs. The NX10 was the best all-around mirrorless then. If I were buying my first mirrorless now, I would probably choose the NEX7 (still weird, but much more usable ergonomics, best image quality and the fastest growing lens system) of Fuji X-E1 (excellent image quality and ergonomics and cool retro styling).

I am going to buy an NX20 anyway when price drops a bit. Having 4 native and 3 adapted lenses, I can't afford to switch systems again. I like NX20's mini-DSLR styling with swivel screen and the image quality is good enough for me. But still the future of the NX system looks uncertain at this point...

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