Competition is fierce !

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Re: Competition is fierce !

amvrvd wrote:

I'm a happy camper in M43 land, I'm not switching, my old & trusty PL1 is proof enough of that by now, I just hate this mood of uncertainty of whether Oly or Pany are finally going to listen.

That is the biggest issue left. Olympus have done a fine job of bringing new cameras and new technology, but they still come across as not listening to the market. Focus peaking is the most obvious example where customers have been screaming for it and all we get is some off-hand comment from an Olympus official that their zoom to focus is better. A recent poll on 43 rumors showed focus peaking to be one of the top most requested features. Panasonic will soon offer it so there is still some hope.

While I am having a bitch, how about the following:

2. Every camera should have a proper dial like the EP3, even the most basic version. If they can put dials on a camera like the XZ-1 then they can do it for any m43 camera.
3. Lens hoods and lens pouches should be supplied with any lens.
4. Better support for 43 PDAF lenses. They are just too slow with this.

5. A hand grip does not detract from a camera and improves ergonomics. That is one thing that Sony got right, although it doesn't have to be that big.

6. More compact lenses. Olympus started with a good collapsing zoom but have not pursued the super compact zoom. Now Sony have done a great job and make Olympus look tardy.

I too am happy to stay with m43 (especially now with the EM5). It is already a comprehensive and quality system, the lenses are high quality and has all the image quality I want. But Olympus will lose customers if they don't sort these things out.

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