Strong Nikon FX line... but no camera that appeals to D700 users.

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Re: Strong Nikon FX line... but no camera that appeals to D700 users.

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

voudas wrote:

Thoedoros, what you ask for (a D4 in a D800 body, half the price of D4, which means that with just a grip u have a D4 clone with half the money) , would indeed cannibalize D4 sales...

what i see room for in the current lineup is a real D700 replacement, 24mp (enough resolution and an adequate advancement from 12mp (16 is a small step), but less than d800), 6-8fps (quick enough but slower than d4), d800 body size (smaller than D4 bigger than D600), and hopefully a new af system (as cam3500 should someday be replaced). That would be your D700 replacement...

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Certainly no 24mpx camera would provide a D700 replacement... obviously you was never a D700 user... the D4 problem that may arise can be treated the same way that Nikon treated the D3/D700 relationship.... even better, if Nikon will also put the D800 sensor to the D4 body, thus provide a pro high res camera with considerably more speed and buffer than D800.


Isn't the speed and buffer capacity limited more by the high res sensor and processor than the body in which it exists? If that is the case one would probably need an entirely new processor, beyond the EXPEED 3 found in the D4 and D800, to make your desired camera possible. I suspect that would affect pricepoint adversely and also suspect that it is unlikely Nikon would offer their most advanced processor in something not including the flagship offering.

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