WHY would you purchase a FULL FRAME Pentax? (In point format)

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Re: WHY would you purchase a FULL FRAME Pentax? (In point format)

FF is just a wriggly worm on a hook. A nice looking one for sure, but do we really need such a fat worm or can we be content with our smaller but perfectly satisfying one?

In my book the FF sensor thing is just a "fad", not a bad one. And in a few years it may be the most common sensor on dSLRs.

For now it's expensive, not only the camera body, the lenses will be quite expensive. Prices will come down, but this also depends on how popular these cameras become.

As for Pentax making one, well they already make something better the 645.

Will Pentax make a FF? Well if the actual FF cameras sell well, they probably will. But I don't expect them to get into the market right now.

I don't really care much one way or the other, I'm perfectly happy with my K5. In my opinion the perfect camera. To prove this, here is the new K5 II, which is basically the same camera with some small improvements.

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