E-M5 and big, heavy lenses go to Tanzania

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Re: E-M5 and big, heavy lenses go to Tanzania

Landscapephoto99 wrote:

faith_ps wrote:

Excellent shots with all the SHGs. But I wonder if it's really worth that effort to carry all of them instead of just using the much lighter say... the kit, 45mm, 75-300. The last lens does seem to perform so very well for wildlife.

My thoughts exactly. These are very good shots, don't get me wrong, but they are not in low light and using fast aperatures. The dust proof 12-50 kit lens and maybe the 40-150mm would do fine. Maybe the 12mm f2 for landscapes. Where these fine 4 3rds lenses would really shine is at dusk or dawn when high shutter speeds for animals in flight are needed.


Yes, you can get faster shutter speeds with the brighter 4/3 lenses, but when shooting 4/3 lenses on the E-M5, you have little chance of correct focus in low light, and absolutely no chance of focusing in time for moving animals or birds in flight. This is why I had my E-5, for shots such as this:

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