What did you know about the new 46MP's FF Canon camera?

Started Sep 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
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For resolution, 35mm is fine...

but there are there things to take into consideration when looking for your professional camera set up. There is no such thing as too large of a sensor when you are looking for benefits such as depth of field control and so on.

For most people, what you get from a 35mm frame is good enough, but for some shooters, there are things that they would not want to give up that they have when using a larger sensor. Not everyone is concerned with portability and so on when putting together a camera rig.

Until the laws of physics are changed, and you can get the same AOV and DOF, among other advantages, there will be a market for larger formats. I, personally, would really enjoy having a good 8x10 sensor that I could use on some older camera set ups.
Wow...that's a pretty killer camera! Are you any good?


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