Canon 5d Mk3 speed changes

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Re: Canon 5d Mk3 speed changes

bronxbombers4 wrote:

i think that is what he meant, but it's hard to say, he has not been very clear

at first it sounded like he meant the aperture changed or even the burst rate but it seems like he has it in Av mode and the shutter is changing as you stated

as for why it doesn't on his 7D for that spot, maybe because he is using the same lens at max zoom and thus wider FOV on the 5D3 and more outer stuff to slightly make the meter read a touch differently from frame to frame?

Seems like the original questions is about the changing shutter speed during a burst.

Yep, could be many reasons for the difference, as said above (same lens on 5d3 is wider, so more background could be influencing exposure compared to 7d). The 5d3 very possibly is more sensitive than the 7D metering. It's also possible that the light is simply different that perhaps it was in the same setting when previously using the 7d. Perhaps now the light is right on the edge between 1/200 and 1/160 (so needing 1/180 but the camera can't choose that), so even the smallest different can make it flip back and forth between the two shutter speeds. Perhaps previously the light was strongly 1/200 instead of being on the edge between two shutter speeds, so it didn't change the shutter speed during the burst.

In the end, You're shooting AV and the camera is changing shutter speeds during a burst, it's doing exactly what it needs to be doing, and designed to do. If the pictures are different exposures though, some are perfect and then the shutter changes and some are over/under exposed; it's possible the camera just made a mistake (it happens), or more likely something in the picture is influencing the metering system. Could be something as small as a little piece of metal that is reflecting toward the camera causing a momentary shift in the light metered.

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