FF NEX? Ok, but what about the lenses? Nothing there.

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So, the truth is, no FF NEX, yet!

The so-called "secret pro NEX" either is miss labeled for the RX1 or Sony is waiting to bring it out next Spring.

The VG900 is perhaps the biggest tease this year for the ff mirorrless hopefuls.

Sony: "Ok, we will show you a ff NEX is possible. It will be great. But first we will just do a p&s with the ff sensor. Get some extra cash. But look at the VG900... it's ff, it's e mount. Lala. If you really want a ff nex this christmas you can always get that. It takes 34mp still images and in raw too! Now be a good boy and buy both the VG900 and the RX1. See ya in 2013!"

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