Need to buy a new camera-I have done my HW

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Re: Need to buy a new camera-I have done my HW

Jimothy H wrote:

My Nikon D80 is a lovely camera under sufficient lighting. However, it really struggle under low light condition. ISO 1000 is pretty much as high as it can go in terms of produce an usable image. It also struggle to focus under low light condition too. You might say :" Every camera struggle to focus under low light, but compare to my friends camera, mine is quite bad in comparison. Sure, I can put a SB-900 or 800 on top of my camera, but there are many cases where I am not allow to use a flash. For example: Stage performance, church events, some wedding, sport...etc. It also has a small buffer. 6 frames RAW image at low ISO, and about 4 at high ISO. It is really not ideal when you are doing sport.

I can't see why I want to buy a 18~55 VR. Sure, it has VR, which gives me about 3 stops of tolerance. However, I already have a remote and a good tripod (I've forgotten to list them), so I don't really need VR.

D80 just doesn't perform well enough in low light.

That is a specific problem you can argue much better with the gearheads in the Nikon camera and lens forums. You are not a beginner and can probably solve your own problem with much less than $5500. Good luck!


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