Another New X-Pro 1 Owner- Day 1

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Re: Another New X-Pro 1 Owner- Day 1

57even wrote:

Congratulations, welcome to Fuji land and great first photos!

Sept 18th will hopefully make you even happier

I'm sure the forum trolls will tell you you cannot possibly be correct, and that everything on the NEX7 is better, but most of them own neither. Hence, it's great to find someone who voted very decidedly with their wallet.

Many of us appreciate the pros and can live with the cons for the sake of great IQ and controls. It's a great camera that is just about to get quite a bit better.


Something Ive noticed which seems like a big deal for me personally is the balance of the Nex-7/ Because the lens is far left with the grip on the right, it never really felt secure in my hands, especially with heavy adapted 50mm canon lens. In theory the grip should make it ok. However, Im 6'4, so my hands are pretty big and the grip on the 7 just wasn't beefy enough to get a confident balance for me. The Xpro has a tiny grip by default but the beefy body makes it easier to handle for me, just more to hold on to.

More than anything, this experience has taught me to truly try out each camera for yourself. An online 1 vs 1 review shouldn't be the only thing you go off of (which is what I didi) because theres so much more than that. Next time I will rent cameras Im interested in, can get pricey but its definitely worth it if your local store doesn't have the stock or a proper return policy.

One thing I will miss from the Nex is the crop-ability. That 24 mp sensor allowed you to make some extreme crops that would still allow a crisp print. I would almost cut photos is half and still have Xpro size images, thats nuts. But the tradeoff is the noise. Essentially for my taste once things hit 1600 ISO I wasn't pleased. Thats a pretty low ceiling considering Im in a lot of low light

Sorry for the long response, just spilling my thoughts for anybody out there who is weighing the same options I was

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