NEX-6 pricing speculation...

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pede59 Senior Member • Posts: 1,561
Re: NEX-6 pricing speculation...

It is $850 for the body.
Given they have addressed

  • AF - hybrid AF

  • menu system

  • mode dial (well - i happen to like tri navi)

  • NEX-7 style body with 16 M sensor

I thing they nailed it. Pending AF really works as expected and the sensornis at least as good as the one in the 5N

AngryCorgi wrote:

Hopefully here in 24 hours or so it will be announced, but I've seen specualtion on pricing that points to $1k for body only. That seems a bit pessimistic, as the Fujifilm X-E1 is $1k too and offers a superior system (in terms of quality lens offerings) to the NEX system. I think the body-only price would have to be well below $1k for me to consider grabbing one.

Anybody else have any thoughts?

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